100% Natural Mosquito and Tick Control Services

Our proprietary formula is blended in-house, and we’re constantly working on it to improve its effectiveness year over year. It involves using a surfactant to blend water with certain steam-distilled essential oils (i.e., the oils naturally produced by plants), including cedar wood oil. This gives the formula a botanical scent that our customers usually either do not mind or actively enjoy. The scent will decline two to four hours after application, and will fade away completed in as much as 24 hours.

Up to 90% Effective

The natural mosquito and tick control we provide works by confusing and repelling outdoor pests. For example, mosquitoes use their sensitivity to CO2 and pheromones like octenol to find warm-blooded animals; our treatments prevent them from accurately detecting these chemicals to follow them back to a person or pet.

As a part of our service, our technicians will apply this all-natural formula every 3 weeks, which in turn reduces up to 90% of all residential adult ticks, mosquitoes, and outdoor pests. This formula can also work well against chiggers, fleas, flies, gnats, and spiders.

Almost ALL of our customers with moderate tick and/or mosquito problems find the level of control provided by our all-natural treatments to be adequate or better. If you aren’t satisfied by this treatment for any reason, it’s also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

How We Apply Our Formula

At most properties, our licensed technicians use professional mist blowers. This is extremely mobile because it’s carried in a specialized backpack, giving our technicians the flexibility and maneuverability to apply the atomized wet formula evenly and precisely across the perimeter, whether it needs to be applied under decks or into deep foliage.

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