Q. Does Mosquito Squad offer free consultations?
A. Our technicians are happy to provide consultations and estimates at no charge to you. Call us at (203) 832-9500 for prompt assistance or use our contact form online.

Q. Does Mosquito Squad service commercial or municipal accounts?
A. Yes. We have extensive experience protecting dining patios, parks, beaches, special event venues, schools and much more. We work with municipal and business leaders to customize treatment options that meet a facility’s unique needs. See our service page for details.

Q. Are one-time treatments possible for a special outdoor party?
A. Of course! We specialize in keeping events pest-free so that you and your guests can enjoy themselves. We’ll apply our treatment in the time leading up to your event, and then again within 24 to 72 hours of the event for optimal comfort and effectiveness. See our service page.

Q. Does Mosquito Squad provide any other treatments besides the sprays?
A. Yes, and we’ll customize our approach according to your needs and the details of your property. Sprays are complimented by methods including larval control, tick tubes, or a ULV treatment. All Natural options are also available. A Mosquito Squad representative will work with you to assess your situation and create a program that meets your needs.

Our Process

Q. Do I need to be home for the treatments?
A. No. Mosquito Squad respects our customer’s busy schedules and is committed to providing the utmost convenience. We will either call or email customers at least one day before treatment so that you’re aware we’re coming, but if you are not home, we will leave notice that your yard has been treated. We’re always happy to accommodate special scheduling needs.

Q. How will my automatic misting system be refilled?
A. We offer a complete system maintenance program. Our technicians open, repair, refill, and winterize your system. No work is required by our customers to maintain equipment from Mosquito Squad.  Find out more here.


Q. Can Mosquito Squad completely eliminate all the mosquitoes and ticks on my property?
A. We guarantee that our service will reduce mosquitoes, ticks, and other outdoor pests by 85% to 95%. This guarantee is a 100% satisfaction, no-hassle guarantee, so if you aren’t fully satisfied, we will either re-treat free of charge give a FULL refund within the first 6 weeks. While no service can promise 100% protection from every mosquito and tick, we promise that you will be satisfied with the mosquito and tick control we offer.

Q. Will Mosquito Squad treatments harm my plants?
A. No. Our treatments are not absorbed by plants and have not been found to have any impact on flowers, trees, or other landscaping plants and shrubbery.

Q. How can your treatments continue to eliminate mosquitoes for 21 days?
A. We use a multi-layered treatment strategy utilizing the industry’s best residue-based solutions. Our wet mist application adheres to mosquito resting areas to provide continuous elimination that we can guarantee. Other treatments (e.g., fogging, citronella, or zappers) are less effective by comparison and are often a waste your time and money.

All Natural Services

Q. How do you apply your natural tick and mosquito solution?
A. For most properties, our technicians use professional mist blowers which are held in specially designed backpacks. This allows for precise treatment underneath decks and deep into foliage, where pests nest and breed. The mist creates an atomized wet application that covers the perimeter evenly, protecting your yard.

Q. Does the natural formula work on pests other than ticks and mosquitos?
A. Yes! Our natural solution helps control many other pests that you don’t want in your yard, including fleas, flies, spiders, certain ants, gnats, chiggers. The treatment is as much as 90% effective and backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Q. How does the natural alternative work?
A. Our natural formula is blended using only steam-distilled essential oils and a surfactant, which blends together the oils and water. This leaves a residue that confuses and repels outdoor pests. For example, mosquitoes have a heightened sense of chemicals such as CO2, octenol and other pheromones. The residual scent left after a treatment keeps a mosquito from accurately detecting its path to the warm-blooded animal – a person or pet – that it wants to bite. Our company blends this formula in-house and works to continually improve it every year.

Q. What is an essential oil?
A. Essential oils are 100% natural oils derived from plants. You’ve probably come across them before in all natural beauty products, cleansing supplies, and home aroma accents.

Q. What essential oils do you use?
A. Cedar wood, lemon eucalyptus (the only natural topical mosquito repellent recommended by the CDC), and garlic are a few examples. Our company has worked hard and invested in the development of this green solution, so we hope you understand that the exact combination of oils is proprietary.

Q. Will I notice the fragrance of the natural solution when I’m outside?
A. The botanical aroma of the solution dissipates fairly rapidly. For the first 2 to 4 hours after treatment, the fragrance will be quite noticeable. After that, you may perceive a slight, green smell for up to 24 hours. However, most of our customers either enjoy this fleeting fragrance or find they do not mind it.

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