Jun 05

Your Mosquito Control Checklist

Your mosquito control checklist was created by our Mosquito Squad service technicians with tips to help you keep your yard a mosquito free zone. Walk your yard at least once a week to check...

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May 20

Keeping Up With Lyme Disease

Keeping up with Lyme Disease while living in CT, we are familiar with the more common symptoms of Lyme Disease. Fatigue, headaches, joint pain, muscle aches and the signature bulls-eye rash usually near the...

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May 07

Pets, Ticks and Lyme Disease

Can Your Pet Get Lyme Disease from a Tick? Just last week after taking my pup on a morning walk in Darien, CT, I noticed a bump on my  dogs on her ear.   When trying...

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May 05

Lyme Disease Challenge

Lyme Disease Challenge – Take a Bite out of Lyme!  We were challenged by our colleagues in Washington DC to take a bite out of Lyme Disease.  This challenge aims to raise awareness about...

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May 02

CDC Issues Vector-Borne Disease Report

CDC Issues Vector-Borne Disease Report! Temperatures are just warming up for us here at The Squad CT, NY,  & NJ and the The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released big news this...

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Apr 15

All Natural Mosquito Control And Tick Control

Increasingly in the news media, we hear discussions about the positive and negative benefits of natural versus synthetic products. The discussions can be around what’s in our food, plastic bottles, clothes, chemicals in our...

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