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If you’re not satisfied with your barrier spray, let us know within 21 days of original application and we’ll re-spray at no additional charge or give you a 100% refund. Similarly, if you’re dissatisfied with the Mosquito Squad Automatic Misting System, contact us within 60 days to have the entire system removed and refunded. We can offer these guarantees because we’re confident in the expertise and experience that each of our technicians

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We’re happy to provide a 100% natural formula for customers who prefer that to other EPA-registered solutions. At Mosquito Squad of Fairfield County and Westchester County, we’ve taken the time and effort to apply our expertise and develop a formula that’s as effective as possible.

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Mosquito Squad of Fairfield County and Westchester County is locally owned and operated by a homeowner who loves to enjoy outdoor living as much as everyone in the area. Our staff is all local too, giving them the ability to easily identify the issues you have and create custom solutions to meet your needs.  All of our applicators are certified in Connecticut and New York and follow all mandated requirements.

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Whether you’re a first time or existing customer, we offer savings on your treatments or services.


Awesome service!  I am highly allergic to mosquitoes. If there is one in the vicinity it finds me.  Since Mosquito Squad started spraying my yard I have not had one bite. We get to use the deck and yard all summer long without any bugs. I highly recommend them!!!

Erin M.

The service has been incredible and I went from unable to use my yard to one mosquito in six weeks.  Literally, ONE mosquito. And almost NO gnats.  Please make sure I’m on the calendar to start next year…

Bruce, Mamaroneck, NY

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Malaria No More

Since 2010, Mosquito Squad has been a proud partner of the Malaria No More campaign, and the Mosquito Squad franchise has donated more than $50,000 to their cause. In 2014, we launched Dread’s Challenge, a three year goal of saving 250,000 lives in Africa. If you want to help us fight the bite, please donate.